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Measuring Instructions

Solar View Window Fashions will only accept ordered sizes reported in written form via internet form, email or purchase order.  These sizes will be confirmed verbally over the phone, fax or by email by our team members before the order is fully processed.  The most crucial measurement is for the width and must be taken at the point where your mounting brackets will be attached to the opening. The actual shade material width will be up to 1.5 inches less than your reported width. Explanation, the material cannot roll over onto the lifting mechanism or over the brackets.

Determine the Type of Installation
INSIDE or OUTSIDE the window casing

ALL MEASUREMENTS are taken at the point of potential installation

Please give sizes in inches
Measure in 1/8" increments. Round down to the nearest 1/8”
Always use a metal tape
Always record in the same order:
                       Check the Casing Depth                   Inside Mount                           Outside Mount

The depth of your window may influence whether you choose an Inside Mount (IM) or Outside Mount (OM). For fully recessed IM mount, the window opening must at least 2.5” deep. IM provides a clean tailored look, recessed or not.  All measurements will fit within the given size, including brackets. An OUTSIDE MOUNT can make a window appear larger or help hide an unattractive window. OM mounts ordered correctly can provide less light gaps.  Both IM and OM measurement must be taken from where the mounting brackets will attach. The standard universal bracket will provide a mounting option in any direction.  The material width on the tube is up to 1” to 1 ½” inches less than your recorded mounting width.  Explanation, the material cannot roll over the lifting system or over the brackets.   Thus the IM will produce a slight light GAP up to ¾ of an inch either or both sides. Most windows have a rubber seal or metal inset that will help hide this minimal gap.

Solar View will NEVER accept a MATERIAL width on any order, only the actual MOUNTING WIDTH.

Accurate measurements are necessary for custom manufacturing your shades. Recorded sizes are considered FINAL. - Remakes will be made at the customers expense.   

                               MEASURE - INSIDE MOUNT (IM)                                              



Do not make any deductions, other than rounding down to the nearest 1/8 inch


IM Width: Measure at the mounting point within the frame. A minimum 2.5 inches in depth will provide a flush fit. If there are no obstructions on the depth just note that your shade and brackets will protrude past the opening
IM Height:  Record your longest measurement. Note: We always allow more on height to have added safety wrap around the tube.

OB mounts will make windows appear bigger and can be used to advantage to hide unattractive windows. The window covering will hang outside the actual window frame, and should overlap the window frame enough to cover for maximum privacy and light blockage.

OM Width: measure on the wall, at the mounting point. For greater material coverage add 1 to 3 inches to each side. Adding width will provide complete material coverage with NO light gap

OM Height: measure 2-inches above and 2-inches below window.  Note: We always allow more on height to have added safety wrap around the tube.


Each shade is custom-made to your specifications read these instructions carefully and that you double check the measurements you record.  If in doubt: ASK QUESTIONS 1-800-595-8072 Solar View Toll Free Customer Service