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Mylar Sun Shades


Sheerweave Shade


Mylar Shades have the effect of tinting, but they can be rolled up or down. They are the most versatile product to reduce heat and glare. We refer to our Mylar Shades as "Sunglasses for windows". There when you need them concealed on their roller when you do not. Security and visibility are combined with professional appearance. For specifications performance see: Mylar Energy Savings Info

The Sun Shade material is a 4 mil Mylar (polyester) with a thin heat reflective aluminum coating laminated between two glare-reducing sheets of dyed polyester. This process offers a 99% rejection of ultraviolet rays and helps reduce heat by 73%.

Easy universal installation brackets makes for a smooth installation.


Solar View has provided the Sheerweave Shade for an array of decors and venues. The product by nature does not confront but compliments any décor. The beauty of Sheerweave is the design. It enables a view out of the window, producing an ambience of openness coupled with effective sun and glare protection. The principal advantage of the Sheerweave Shades is the diversity; down when you need them…up when you don't. … or enjoy the sheer splendor and leave them in place the entire day. If you are bothered with winter's penetrating cold, Sheerweave creates a barrier between the inside warmth and the extreme cold of the glass surface.

The Sheerweave 4000 styles offer a 5% openness weave, meaning that it blocks 95% of the UV rays. It is made of 25% Polyester and 75% Vinyl on Polyester for durability.


Mylar Roll Shades

Sunglasses for your windows!

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